The Brodies Academy for HR Professionals is a half day programme during which members of our top ranked employment team will look at and discuss key HR topics in detail and will provide attendees with practical information and guidance to assist them in their role as an HR Professional. 

The Academy is designed to be highly interactive and will be delivered using case studies, worked examples and group exercises to ensure attendees get the most out of the programme.


The Academy is open to professionals who are new to HR, in the early stages of their career or returning to HR following a period of family leave or a career break, and those who are experienced in a particular aspect of HR and are now in an expanded role. Experienced HR professionals who would like to attend by way of a refresher are also welcome.


This programme provides an invaluable opportunity for attendees to spend time discussing and considering key HR topics with our employment team and other HR professionals who are at a similar stage in their careers. Our employment team will highlight the key legal risks and considerations arising in relation to each of the topics but the focus will be on how attendees deal with these matters on a day-to-day basis.   

The Academy also gives attendees the opportunity to network and build lasting relationships with their peers.

The Academy is free of charge and delegates can request a Certificate of Attendance.


Data protection and subject access rights have strengthened since the General Data Protection Regulation came into force in 2018. It has compelled employers to rethink how they gather, process, and provide access to employee data.

But how should you go about tailoring your processes to make subject access requests less of a headache for your organisation?

At our next HR Academy we will look at ways of simplifying the process so that you can respond to those requests efficiently, effectively and in a way that is compliant with the current framework. At the Academy we will cover: 

1.    The basics of the current legislation and what has changed since GDPR came into force
2.    Rights of data subjects including the right of access
3.    Streamlining the way you process, store and access employee data
4.    Data retention – why do it and how long should data be kept?
5.    How to respond to subject access requests – top tips on how to minimise the effort needed to retrieve and collate data
6.    Dealing with tricky issues – what to do with third party data; what can you withhold; and tactics in litigation
7.    Responding to complaints lodged with the ICO



If you are interested in joining the Brodies Academy for HR Professionals, please contact Samantha MacMillan at samantha.macmillan@brodies.com